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Mattress 160x200

We can produce mattresses in the size 130x200 with every type of foam or springs Polyether mattresses: This is the cheapest type of polyurethane foam. The polyether foam can be made with a small or a big percentage of air per cubic meter. This is indicated with the abbreviation SG (specific gravity). A mattress with the indication SG20 has foam that weighs 20kg per cubic meter. These mattresstypes lose their hardness relatively fast and gives little support. A SG40 polyether mattress is more durable, more resilient and more comfortable. Independently of the specific gravity of polyether mattresses, they can be manufactured in rigid and flexible polyurethane foam variants. High resilience mattresses: High resilience foam has an open cell structure. Because of this, the ventilation of air and moisture in comparison with a polyether mattress is better. High resilience foam equals latex foam, exept for the fact that it has better air and moisture ventilation. It is a suitable mattress core for orthopedic approved sleeping. Because of the high amount of resilience the mattress will keep it's shape longer, which makes the service life much longer than that of a polyether mattress. The Dutch term 'koudschuim', which translates as 'cold foam', is derived from the term 'cold cure moulding': in this proces the foam is poored into a non-heated mold. As the name suggests, high resilience foam has a very high resilience, mostly due to its open, irregular cell structure. Because of it's resilience, pit forming will not occur, and the mattress will have a long service life. Most mattresses range between SG35 and SG65 for the most durable and comfortable mattress. High resilience foam also works flame retardant. Pocket spring mattresses: The spring-loaded part of the mattress is made up of individually wrapped barrel springs with a diameter no larger than 6 cm. These springs are packed in a cotton or non-woven cover. Pocket spring mattresses have a very stable surface. Because of this spring-filled core the moisture and air circulation optimal. Latex mattresses: Foam rubber is originally a natural product, however, these days there are also synthetic variants. This synthetic latex is less porous. Natural latex is mainly imported from south east Asia. In contrast to the often heard claim that the holes in latex mattresses serve for ventilation, they are the result of hollow tubes, which are mounted on the bottom and lid of a silicone mold, so that when cooking in 115 degrees water the hot water makes for a good uniform curing of the latex foam. In this process thick and thin hollow tubes are used to create different zones in the latex mattress-core. The usage of thicker tubes lead to a more flexible part in the foam, because there is less foam (and more air) at those points. For example, the shoulder area will be produced with thick tubes, whereas the waist area will be made using small tubes, for optimal support.

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