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Welcome at Mattresses Factory for all your mattresses and mattress made to measure


1) Free of harmful substances;
2) Produced in Netherlands;
3) Fast delivery;
4) Good prices;
5) Honest advice and accurate information;
6) Ordered wrong, remake against cost price.

Mattresses must be turned regularly in the length and width, preferably every two weeks. A good mattress protector between the slatted bed base and mattress isolates and protects your mattress and takes the moisture.

There are many types of soils: spiral, wooden slats right, slatted curved slats, box spring, wooden plate.
They all have different properties. All types of mattresses can be used on these soils.
Only the comfort will be different, a wooden plate has no suspension, the comfort will be less.
When the bed base has suspention the comfort will be better.

A Slatted bed base gives a better comfort than a wooden plate. Also the mattress on a wooden plate is harder than when using a slatted bed base.
Is the bottom of a wooden plate, then there should be enough holes in. So the moisture can be drained.

Is the distance between the slats bigger than 3 a 4 cm  the comfort is less and the life of the mattress is shortened.
Also  you need to use a mattress protector on the bottom because otherwise splinters in the mattress may cause damage.

A mattress with a zippered cover does not mean that this should be washed in the washing machine at 90 degrees unless specifically noted in the product description.
The cover washed at too high temperature can shrink and damage it. If there is nothing stated in the product description the maximum hand wash 30 degrees unless another description in this explanation about washing a specific mattress cover is described.
Please note:  That if there is a zipper on the cover it should be protected while washing.
A good molton/fitted sheet is easier to use and can often be washed on 60 or 90 degrees (read the product description by purchase).

You should also always use a mattress protector on the mattress to protect the mattress fabrics e.g. Urine, moisture and other issues making the mattress fabrics and mattress can be dirty.
E.g. Urine and other things can go in the core of the mattress, it isn’t possible to get it clean any more.
You should therefore always use a mattress protector for all types of mattresses.
If you don’t use mattress protector then we are not liable for consequential damages as described above.

Take a mattress. sg25, then so suitable to about 50 kg. At a single mattress for 1 person and a double mattress for two people up to 50 kg. p.p. at a lower sg is there less foam and more air, if you e.g. are you too heavy, e.g. weighs 80 kg. for this type of mattress and will the life span will be shortened by the overweight. The well-known pit formation will than previously.
You need to choose which type is right for your weight class, in this case at least one sg40.
Alignment of the maximum weight class of a mattress and your weight class.

Of the above applications:
polyether mattresses: 3 year warranty on the collapse of the core
High resilience foam mattresses: 5 year warranty on the collapse of the core
Pocket spring mattresses: 3 year warranty on the collapse of the core
Memory foam/cold foam mattresses: 5 year warranty on the collapse of the core
Bonell innerspring: 3 year warranty on the collapse of the core

If you have any questions/comments you can always contact us.
We will be happy to help you.

Email: info@mattressesfactory.eu

Sans CFC

Nous achetons notre mousse chez des producteurs néerlandais. C’est une garantie que nos mousses sont exemptes de substances nocives, et donc qu’elles conviennent pour une utilisation dans le domaine de la literie.
Nous garantissons que nous n’effectuons pas d’importations de l'Extrême-Orient.
Mousses 100% produites et certifiées par les fabricants néerlandais. 

  • La norme  de sécurité CertiPUR est une norme relativement récente de l’Association Européenne des fabricants de polyuréthane.
  • La norme de sécurité CertiPUR® est utilisée dans le secteur des produits à base de mousse (bloc expansé) comme la mousse à mémoire de forme.
  • Le label CertiPUR® est uniquement dispensé aux produits à base de mousse qui répondent aux exigences courantes dans les domaines de la sécurité, de la santé et de l’environnement. On les appelle aussi les exigences SHE (Safety – Health – Environment).

 Les toiles et les mousses utilisées pour la fabrication des matelas de Mattresses Factory ont reçu la certification classe 1 Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Les substances utilisées répondent aux exigences humaines et écologiques selon la norme Standard 100, classe 1.
Cela signifie que le matériau est exempt de substances nocives et qu’il est approprié pour une utilisation par l’humain.

La certification LGA est décernée aux matelas testés exempts de substances nocives.

Le certificat LGA garantit, entre autres, que le produit en mousse est d’une excellente qualité.

Avec ce certificat, vous êtes certain que le produit est sûr.


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